Fix WilliamHill odds

Please fix williamhill odds. For at least the last 3 days all odds in the value bet feed are wrong. I have williamhill open in a tab and it takes me at most 5 seconds to get to the odd and it is always much lower than RB says.

It even happened the case where it suggested the same value bet as a few minutes before and I happened to have williamhill still open on that odd and it didn’t even change (even after a refresh).

Please fix it otherwise it is useless and only adds noise.

Hello?? Is this forum even monitored by support? It has been 24h since I reported this issue and still no feedback from support. The issue is still happening, got a value bet alert on Molde at 2.35 when the odd was 2.15 or something.

Thanks for raising the issue. I will watch it on my own and see if it is happening to me.

Thanks for contacting us. Please note that this is not our official support channel. For support inquiries please email or find us on the website chat. We’ll assist as soon as possible!

Pleas let us know when it is fixed. I have removed williamhill from my filters, it was a waste of time going to the match and realizing the odd was totally different

Is Williamhill odds fixed? Do you have any feedback on the current status?

I enabled WilliamHill again a few days ago and it was still showing incorrect odds


Can you please email me directly to or write to us on our website chat and I’ll follow up with some questions for you. This forum is not our main support channel.