[Fixed] All links not working just coming up with hiderefferer?

Is this really just me?

I’m getting the same every time

I’ve had it all day, nothing from Rebelbetting, no replies to help or anything.
Customers better get compensated this service isn’t exactly cheap.

Hello??? anyone at RB fancy fixing this or no??

Anyone? Hello! ?

suffering alongside you mate

Im manually deleting the text “http://hidereferrer.net/?https://” in order to access the bets. it sucks but its a way forward until they fix the problem.

have a good one! :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir, at least someone helped albeit not RB themselves.

Working on it, sorry for the lack of communication!

Did you email them?
RB is based in Sweden, your posts are at 20.00 (8 pm) local time. As they say on their support page.

If the above material still does not answer your question, please contact us and we’ll help you. We usually reply within one business day.

They often jump in late at night/weekends when they are technically off, but they don’t visit the forum 24/7.

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And him wanting a refund :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Should be fixed now. If not, send a private message with the broken link. Marking thread as fixed.