[Fixed] Bet365 down for anyone?

No @paulwilko10
I as a moderator isn’t affiliated, doesn’t represent rebel, as a matter of fact i currently use a rival software. We were selected as moderators because of the contribution we had made to the forum, you can be one too :wink:. Contribute and promote helpful discussions.

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You have been nothing but helpful on here, you have helped me in the past and I appreciate that but ultimately, paid or not paid you are in some way representing the company on here and from your point of view, in a good way :+1:

When I saw you became a mod, I was surprised as I knew you were using another software but its your knowledge of value betting, not just rebel that is useful to us all.

I’m getting bet365 bets again now.
Do you know what the issue was?

Cheers matey




We had some technical issues with Bet365 for a couple of hours on Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience! The issue was detected and fixed.

@paulwilko10, we don’t have any live chat. Not sure where you got that impression. “We usually reply within one business day.”

Neither do we have any 24/7 emergency standby team (yet), but we’ve just grown our team so in the future things like this will be solved even quicker.

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And also Paul, the issue on Saturday wasn’t only a Rebel thing. TM had this issue also. It was even worse there as bets weren’t also settling. All’s good everywhere now.

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