[Fixed] Bet365 down for anyone?

Hey Guys, is bet365 down for anyone on the software? (Saturday 14th March) Im not getting any value bets pull through. Annoying because its a Saturday and usually get loads pop up!



Me too, i have bet365 down, no bets at the moment. What is happening?

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The rebels must have made a mistake

What do you mean?, are you talking about rebelbetting software i supose

There must be a problem with their system

Ok, surely yes. I hope that nothing happened with bet365

It’s not bet365’s problem. It should be something wrong with rebelbetting

Me too!!! Bet365 down on Saturday

I got in touch with live chat, let me rephrase that, NON LIVE CHAT!
Last week was Betfair, this week Bet365 and yet they expect us to pay this ridiculous amount of money.

Saturdays and Bet365 are the Bread and Butter of Value Betting and we have been let down and what is worse, they are not acknowledging it!
Glad i have cancelled my Sub


Betfair’s exchange was down previously… After it came on line it was not possible to register bets.
@paulwilko10 Take a chill pill until we know where the issue is (how do you know that there ha not been a change in the API or if it is down on B365 side?). You are not the only one that is glad that you have cancelled your subscription.

Don’t worry, I’m sure they’re working to fix it.

And you’re a moderator, classic :rofl:

When I get the service I pay alot for, I’ll chill, until then, get it sorted please.
I don’t care what the issue is, the lack of info is terrible.
The betfair issue was nothing to do with placing bets. There were no bets to place, same as today which is why I brought it up.

I suggest that you learn the difference between a mod and a staff member.
Your attitude “I don’t care what the issue is…”… also very classical Paulwilko10 style. I prefer a community and forum that is open for discussion, suggestions and debate. And also your ranting. I do not find it productive in the slightest but go ahead and put in some more complaints (and do not forget some emojis for effect).
The BF issue was an issue on BFs side… A real issue which made me miss relevant bets. I brought it up to high-light that many things can go wrong.
Everyone prefers that B5 is up and running but why being rude about it?

You are representing the company, simple as that.
I have mentioned an issue, I have mentioned many issues on here, some I get replies, some I don’t, some mods are polite, some want you to leave as you’ve proven.

Again, doesn’t matter etsy the issue is, when I pay the money I pay, as a customer I can vent.

What is there to discuss? Nothing, just get it fixed please and we will ask be happy bunnies.

Now, stop slagging me off and promote that discussion you crave.

Anyway, let’s hope it’s fixed soon :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Again; you claiming things does not make them true. However I understand that it can be misconstrued as if the moderators are representing the company. They are not representing the company in any official capacity…
The community is for discussion. It is perfectly fine to ask “hey, I have this issue, is anyone else experiencing the same?” to confirm that there is an actual issue. Chat and the official support channel are the way to report issues.

My B365 is working ok now.


Some bets showed up. How is it for everyone else? Have you had ANY B365 bets come through last 30 min (19:30 CET)?

I did report it and as of now, I am still waiting for a reply of any sort.
That is why it’s frustrating.

Glad it’s working, can’t test it as I’m out, but I will assume all good again :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Some bets do come through. Not many though. Used to be more bets on a Saturday evening…
I agree that RB should have at least some staff on emergency duty to handle this kind of things… Waiting the whole weekend until Monday is too slow reaction.

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