[Fixed] Bet365 odds no longer accurate

Mate the 90% odds have nothing to do with the software. The pronlem is that this case has been going on for a few months now,of yet nothing changes. On 90% of the matches there is no value. We are currently waiting for an answer and hopefully we will get one soon because this is a waste of time and money.

So far, and obviously this could change, i make about 10 times the cost of pro each month. So, yes, it is frustrating when you look for a bet that isn’t there anymore… but i just look at my increasing balance and get over the frustration pretty quickly. :wink:

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Bet365 should be back to normal now.

This is not true, the Bet365 slow odds updates was only the last few days, they should be back to normal now. Note that there will always be situations where the odds have changed, sometimes a value bet exists only for seconds.

I still have the same problem with bet365. The odds are getting lower, even if I open the bookmaker immediatly after the rebelbetting signal.
Are you sure that the problem is fixed?

It depends what time of day and what day of the week. I was on at 7am this morning and locked in about 40 bets in 20mins without a problem. But after 9am its starts to go crazy on all accounts and websites. It’s just the bookies correcting their positions quickly. I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t get that’s what bookies do as quickly as possible to avoid huge losses to people that use this sort of software.

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All day everything is confused and wrong. The problem is in the software and nothing has been fixed. The delay is huge and just has no value.

This is not normal. The problem has been going on for months. I don’t know why the gentleman thinks I’m lying. I have proof from a few months ago with pictures and correspondence. I just don’t see the point in using the software if it continues like this. Bet365 is a major bookmaker and it doesn’t work for us. Been working with Rebell betting over a year, have placed over 18,000 bets, but last few months closing line has been terrible. If they can’t fix the problem with bet365, sportsmarket and yet other sites, it’s just not worth the time and money being wasted…

We will continue to monitor this, and we also have an alternative solution we will try this week, which might improve latency.

But it seems most people are not having huge problems with Bet365, there are more value bets placed the last weeks, not less, so there are plenty of valid value bets:

So we need some more specifics if you’re still having problems:

  1. How large percentage of the value bets you receive have expired (odds have dropped so low the value is gone)? There will always be some expired value bets.

  2. Sometimes (often on tennis) you end up on a Bet365 page that says something about “betting suspended” on this match, often on tennis. This is just because of wrong deep link, if you SEARCH for the participants, you will often find the match. Have you tried this?

  3. Some countries have restrictions on what you can bet on. For example, in Sweden you cannot bet on teams that have players under 18 years old. The event will not be available for you then. What country are you from, and do you have any restrictions?

I have the data from hundreds of thousands of bets, and this is just not true. More bets are being placed, and the CLV is solid.

It might be true for you, and we have tried to help you for weeks. But please stop spreading false generalizations in the Community.

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I want to ask which one am I lying about?

About every other game being wrong odds and worthless in recent weeks, especially weekends when it’s peak time?

Can your email I will send you the evidence to make sure you too of what I am talking about!

I certainly have no profit in lying and writing false things. That is not to my advantage!

Who said you’re lying?! I’m saying I don’t think all users have 50% expired bets, the data certainly doesn’t look that way.

We have an alternative solution we will implement, next week at the earliest, which will hopefully improve the latency during the days.

We’re working as fast as we can here. To put things into perspective, we’re a small team battling against a 3 billion dollar company that is trying its utmost to stop smart bettors from getting at their odds.

Thanks for having patience.

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It isn’t just RB. I use odds monkey and sometimes that is bad too. Like you say perspective is important. We pay £150/month to beat the odds, they spend a few £million a month making their systems as profitable as possible for their shareholders. Still very happy with my results and grateful for the software.

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I had written to you by private message but got no reply so I am writing here.

What is the latest news regarding Bet365. I froze the account for a certain time to avoid wasting money and time with incorrect value bets. What happened to the alternative option, do you have an answer ?

Read my last reply again.

I’ve always found this on whatever service I use, the odds have to come from the bookie and there can be delays and they’ll cut their odds anyway as soon as they spot that they’re too high. I found a lot of the bet365 ones today have been lower by the time I clicked it, but I just click Remove to take that bet off the list and then others pop up. I’ve sat here today going through them and still managed to get quite a few on, as every time I log a new bet or remove one, more appear because there’s a constant stream of them coming through to take.

A tip is to use snooze (15 min) instead of remove, unless you never want to bet on that market.