[Fixed] Bet365 odds no longer accurate

when the rebel give me the value bet. and i click to the game in bet365,i found the odds is always lower than what show on the rebel 。
I was targeted on bet365?

u are not fast enough lol

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It doesn’t matter whether you are fast or not。
because my first 100bet can always get the right odds.
but But then the odds starting lower.

It doesn’t matter whether you are fast or not。
because my first 100bet can always get the right odds.

It’s the same for me now. I go to Bet365 at the same time the match comes up on Rebelbetting, but the odds are still lowered. Frustrating.

Can something be done to fix this? It doesn’t matter how fast you try to bet, sometimes the odds are already lower as soon as the signal pops up


I have written many times on this topic and the problem with wrong odds, specifically for the bet365 site is not from now.

I have contacted rebel team repeatedly but they always reply the same answers. I sent pictures and proofs will the problem is really in them, but nothing ever changed.

I hope they pay attention to this problem because the wrong odds are not only for bet365, sportsmarket is one of the sites where 90% of the odds are wrong.

Bet365 is a leading site, and if they don’t fix this problem they will lose a lot of customers very soon.

If they continue this way I will attach all the evidence, and prove that many odds do not match the software!

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this is a big problem if the official still not solve this .
the sofaware will become meaningless

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I mostly use bet365 and the last months I have been wasting time and money because the odds are wrong, also the values they offer are not really value, most times the bets are below the closing line. The nice 90% odds values don’t match, where money is lost!
I used sportsmarket a few months ago, but it’s the same situation there, the values and odds at 90% don’t match the software, and rebelbetting are doing marketing and advertising for sportsmarket, which makes no sense. How to bet there when everything is wrong.

it still goes on.
it’s useless, you have to be lucky to find perfect coefficients on weekends. just imagine, we are paying 180 euros per month for this to happen…

I also have a problem with bet365 and the wrong values, a while ago I used to bet over 150 matches on the weekends, now I’m only 20. I’m at the end of my annual subscription and if this continues I’ll be gone…

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@Simon i think this is not normal at all. Take action.
I have the impression that your software is slow. the matches that are shown at the moment have the lowest coefficient

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I tried to go into settings sport/markets, saved them - and suddenly had 100 bets that did not show up before.

We are having problems with a slow Bet365 odds delivery, and are currently working to resolve it as quickly as possible. It’s a bit out of our control at the moment. Sorry about this, and thanks for having patience.

Will update here with any news.



Yes we understand that the problem is not clear when it will be resolved, which is not normal and fair treatment to us customers, because this problem has been going on for a few months now, but apparently you are keeping quiet to keep people away.

95% of the matches I bet on are at bet365 and I’m certainly not the only person who uses this bookmaker as their main one.

From what you have said above I gather there is a problem but it is not in your circle, which you contradict yourself with. There is no clear answer as to when this oversight will be rectified and fixed, and in the meantime we are wasting money and time.

I also want to say that the problem is not only with this bookmaker and the differences in values are huge.

I think you need to give a clear and specific answer as to whether the problem will be resolved at all, because again I say, the problem with the delay is not from this week, it is from months.

I have plenty of evidence that what I am writing is true.

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@Simon , yes i also use bet365 mainly and it would be good to know if the problem will be fixed soon or should i freeze my account ?

I don’t think they ain’t accurate. The bookie changed odds very quickly before u opened the link

I agree, book makers ard hot going to leave incorrect odds available for long. Some days they are super quick, other days not so much. This software is about establishing what is value and giving the opportunity to take it. It doesnt have a magic influence on the bookie algorithms that are designed to close down value in an instant. Id say it is possible to hit 30-50% of the value you bets you go for. Don’t worry if one has gone, just jump onto the next asap before that goes aswell.

I would say 20% of value bet from b365 u can still get them

You need quicker fingers! :rofl: