[FIXED] Bet365 odds

I am testing the software for first time since a couple of days, but It do not show me valuebets in this bookie. Is It normal?

Since the software update, BET365 has not received any odds.Want to solve


We have experienced issues with fetching odds from Bet365. Soccer is back now. Also, more sports will come soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Lars
Bet365 direct link doesn’t work, and I almost never find any asian handicap on this site with the same odds or parameters as it shows up on the list. It works on Bwin smoothly, but Bet365 is much profitable. Can you fix it?

Well, I have no idea how difficult to fix this but the suggested bets to 365 are not working.
As someone already said, I don´t know where the software is getting the Asian Handicap odds, but they are not in the bookmaker… Maybe the soft is creating some kind of “average odd” and showing the value of it.

A example:
I am seeing the Value Bet right now:

Hong Linh Ha Tinh
Fico Tay Ninh
Vietnam CUP - soccer

Bet >>> Asiand Handicap (-1.5) to Hong Linh Ha Tinh… put that stake if the odd is 1.80 (decimal)

When I get to the site, I can find Hong Linh Ha Tinh (-1.75) for 1.80.

And it is not an random and eventual example, it is almost always this way… almost 1 month seeing 365bet alerts and I just got 3 bets done with the same Asian Handicap interval… it is not the odds changing, simply there is not the interval pointed.

As a sidenote, Betwinner and 1xBet probably are from the same owner and they are dropping the odds as soon you put one in the betslip… they do this EVERYTIME, I am just taking my money out, it is impossible…

Thanks for the feedback. Today we fixed an issue where we didn’t properly detect odds which were removed from the website. This caused a lot of bets to show which had already disappeared.

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