[Fixed] Bets not getting settled in RebelBetting tracker

hey community,
Today i had about 50 bets that werent settled after 8-15 hours after the start of the game,
In my betting site the outcome was there so I entered the outcome manually for these .
I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

Hello, I had the same problem as you, I supose it was something general.
I entered the outcome manually too.
Good luck bro!

glad to know its not a problem on my end, i saw on the forum that the rebelbetting servers where down for 4 hours so that maybe has something to do with it.
good luck to you too man!

Same. Please can the RB team report what is happening since yesterday, thank you.

same here…

same here…its taken ages to manually settle bets …

Same here. Same for everybody i guess

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Glad to see it’s not just me.

Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. We are looking into the issue!


Bet settler is back online now and will process all bets, sorry for the delay.