[Fixed] Problem with Stoiximan/Sportingbet today?

Has anyone suggested value bets today from Stoiximan or Sportingbet?
I have decrease value perc to 1% and extended hours to 48 and still not even one bet.
Very strange as previous days I had a lot till now…

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Also, “support chat” button doesn’t work for me (both PC and mobile phone).

And it is not only Stoiximan that seems not working (!)

I have add almost 20 bookies just to check. Nothing…

same here about stoiximan. not a single bet since morning .

Whole day and still no answer…
At least tell us if you are gonna fix it otherwise I must freeze my subsription because Stoiximan is my main bookie.

Fix Stoixhman bets please.

Yes please do your best!
We have no many other choices Greek people.

Fix stoiximan and add pamestoixima please

Same problem with stoiximan fix it please

and please add more greek bookmakers pamestoixima , winmasters . fonbet

Its been 4 days and people need for help with no answer. Stoiximan is greek people main bookie and we lose so many bets all these days . Do something or give us an info about it.


Please note that this is not our main support channel. have you contacted us on our website chat? Or emailed support@rebelbetting.com ? We try to answer you as soon as possible.

At the moment Stoiximan is not working due to changes on their website, but we are working on a fix for this. I have no time frame yet when they will be back. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hopefully, we can soon add the bookmakers you requested as well. :slight_smile:

Can you use other bookmakers instead?

Thanks for your suggestions. Many people have requested them before as well, so hopefully we can add them. Especially Pamestoixima seems interesting! I cannot promise anything though, but we will try to do everything we can to please our customers. :slight_smile:

This seems strange! Please contact us via support email and we’ll discuss this in private.

Ok thanks for the answer.Well i have only stoximan and 5 dimes cause im limit in all other bookeis . So i lose half of my value bets with stoiximan down.

We are working as fast as we can to get them back. Sorry for the long wait! But adding/fixing a bookmaker takes time. Hopefully, we can get them back within a week.

i havent use the rebelbetting site till stoiximann is down , hope its fixed soon

It seems that Stoiximan is back again :wink:
RB gave some bets earlier… will see if the amount of bets will be as in the past.

Thanks tech/support team!

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Yes, that’s correct! :slight_smile: We are always trying to work as fast as we can. We also added 7 more bookmakers.