[Fixed] Problems with our Support messaging system


We currently have some issues with our support messaging system.

As an example; If you for instance chat with us, and then leave the chat before we’ve answered you, you will get an email with answers to your questions instead. This is working as intended.

Though If you go to this email, and try to reply to us via that email then the reply from you won’t reach us.

Until this is solved, we suggest you do this:

a) Click “go to chat conversation” in the email instead, and continue the conversation via chat.

b) Create a new email and email support@rebelbetting.com (paste necessary message history/screenshots etcetera). This works fine, just like usual.

The problem is expected to be fixed soon, and I’ll update this post when everything is working as expected again. :slightly_smiling_face:



This issue seems to be resolved now, and everything should work as expected. Please note that if you have replied to a message via email, the email might not have reached us. If you have not received any reply to your email within the next few days, please send a new email to us, directly to support@rebelbetting.com.

Thanks for understanding.