[Fixed] System instability

We’re performing unplanned emergency maintenance on a server this morning. Unfortunately login is affected in periods and the BetTracker is experiencing problems. If you get a message saying that you don’t have a subscription, don’t worry.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to have everything up and running within the next 10-15 minutes.

Still not fixed the tracker, I have tens of bets pending even though the games finished hours ago

Can you update us on the situation?

Still nothing. Very weak start for me. Starting to think about using other services

Doesn’t work for me either. Matches will not be updated.

Tracker is still down.

Cmon now, I have more than 100 unsettled bets and I can’t really spend any more time to manually check the results so I have to stop using the service (and not earning money) until you fix it. Where’s the customer service at times like these? I probably also lost money (I see less balance in the bookies accounts) because my staking plan wasn’t updated because of the faulty tracker.
I hope you’ll make it up somehow.

What’s the fuzz? It’s “just” the tracker. Yeah, it’s important - but the bets are still working, and the bookies are not down either. Just keep placing bets, and await the stats - no biggie.

No biggie? I have more than 1000 euros in pending bets that should have been updated and so my whole staking plan goes in the trash and I risk losing more money this way. I pay 180euros a month so I expect a good customer service. I understand issues like this can happen but it’s been two days and they keep us in the dark. There is no way there’s noone available on the weekends considering that the core of sport betting is in fact in the weekend.

Edit: It seems now it’s fixed, hope it stays this way

OK we can do “our job” (but not everyone has the option to seat in front of a PC updating manual all results). For example, I’m moving all day because of my job and that’s the reason I choose Rebelbetting because I knew that suits to my life style.
The basic problem is that “something goes wrong”. Although, I update results manualy now, I still see in stats table 6 pending bets but same tracker shows only 5 pending bets(!) I triple check the tracker. I did everything fine, that problem is somewher else. I’m sure team here will fix it asap.

I don’t get why it’s such a big problem. I just keep betting - perhaps because I don’t “adjust for open bets”, cause I don’t see any value in that setting. So for me it’s just been kind of annoying, and that’s about it.

The bets itself are more important than the historical stats. I’ve spend 0 minutes doing it manually, cause it won’t effect my actual winnings.

And after a non update results all weekend now we cant login to app.


If you want to use Kelly criteria it’s very important (but I agree you can update results manualy if you have the time).

Hi all. Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the troubles this have caused.

The problems we experienced yesterday also affected the settling of bets which were fixed this morning (CET). So your pending, overdue, bets are settled. You may need to go to the BetTracker for certain stats to be evaluated.