[Fixed] Tax on stake don't work!

Hey there, anyone else with this issue?

I put in the tax for every bookmaker in the settings and saved it correctly. As I live in Germany, my tax is 5% on stake.
In the tracker, when the bets are graded, the tax is NOT deducted from the profit.
Let me explain with an example.

I take a bet with 100€ stake and odds 2.00
If I lose this bet, my profit is -100€.
If I win this bet, my net profit is 90€. (2.00 x 0,95 = 1.90 net odds)
In the tracker, when the bet is graded, the profit shows 100€.

Tax on profit seems to be working, but tax on stake is NOT working.

Can you please check this out? @Hanna @Bjorn

A fix was released just now. Please go to the first bet you found wrong and open it up and click save, the following after should be correct as well.

Not working for me. Any thoughts?

What is not working, the tax on all bets or adjusting bets after?

It’s often a misunderstanding when choosing the correct setting. Make sure you have read this FAQ Taxation on bets - Some bookmakers charge a tax on your bets

Dashboard seems to be awafully erratic. I have reviewed thoroughly all my bet in the books so everything is logged correctly.
What I observe is the following:
E.g.: deposit 250€, value remaining with the book is 120€, real profit: -130€.
Value in the tracker: -60€
This is probably due to the books taxing 5% in Germany.
However, the tax option in tool:

  1. It’s not working
  2. The dropdown menu gives only options, stake and profit. However in Germany the tax is on the return (stake+profit).

For reference, I am attaching some snaps to better explain the issue:
snap 1: setting the Bet365 tax to 6% (to test).
snap2: some profits have been reduced by 5%
snap 3. some remained completely unchanged


Please note that this community is not for reporting issues. You should do that in our support chat or send us an email so this gets filed as a support ticket.

I have chatted with you recently - so I think we´re all good here. As a German you should have “Tax on Stake” - just as it says in this FAQ: Taxation on bets - Some bookmakers charge a tax on your bets