[Fixed!] Value betting slow / not working?

Does anyone else have problems with the value betting webpage? All day it’s been so slow it’s unusable. It’s not just the bet finder that’s horrendously slow, even the options menu takes a while to load and it keeps giving warning such as “no connection sine 20:55” when it’s 20:59.

I just started 2 weeks ago so I dont’ know if this is normal to happen some times or their servers are actively dying right now? Can’t find any server info or technical updates on the rebel betting page

Yes, same problem here, take like 30second before you get up the betinfo after you have clicked on the alert.

Yeah it´s unusable, stuck on a match forever and missing lots of alerts.

days where is the most valuebets to play are unplayable. Site is lagging, there is time where is no new valuebets for 1 hour and then 50 valuebets pop up in one secound but 90% of them odds are already changed. Today i cant even click on any bet or log bet

this is just bad and it is not first time

Hmm, that’s very unfortunate. I’m kinda worried to hear that this is not the first time. If it’s often like this on the weekend then it’s definitely not worth the price for me.

The weird thing is that it worked fine for me yesterday but friday and today it’s completely broken, so why would it work on a saturday? There should be a lot of value bets then as well. And I’m able to connect and load the list so the database is accessible, it’s just the dynamic presentation elements (which could use some fine-tuning to begin with) are completely wrecked.

Hope they fix it so I can see if the service is actually worth it, still don’t know after 2 weeks…

I acctualy got at bet in now, Barca-Granad U3, took like 10min for the game info to come up, but the odds where still there after all that time :slight_smile:

But ofcourse this is not optimal, hopefully support is back on Monday and fix this weekends problems

Me too, no support, no info, such a poor company, i will cancle my suscription and change to better one

yeah this is pretty bad. this thread was made like 48 hours ago and not a single response from the employees, weekend or not, shouldnt matter. im sure we all appreciate your work and the program but things like this cant happen, and when they do, you should be right here telling us, you are working on it!

Hi, we’re very sorry about this. We are investigating to see what caused this. Please contact me on the support chat today or email me and I’ll compensate you for this giving you extra time to your account.

And we are so sorry that this happened on a weekend. We are not fully staffed during weekends. :frowning_face:

I totally agree, we are working on how we can improve this.

Hello, there’s again problem with connecting on server…value betting impossible

Yeah problems again, been pretty bad all day and now not working at all

Same here??:thinking:

yup same here, lagging and valuebetting not even possible…

not working here too

Sorry for this, should be fixed now.

I have added some safeguards on the servers so this hopefully won’t happen again. Will investigate the root cause.


lagging and valuebetting not even possible……

^ he’s right…

NOT working!!!

yep, very badly lagging currently again. should add more servers/capacity if volume is the issue. anyway, this is again unusable.