Free Trial to Starter Package (VB)

Hi all,

I’m previously done some matched betting. I’ve now starting on and RB value betting journey using the 2 week free trial.

So far I’m in positive territory, 50 bets over 3 days. So far so good.

The trial version has limits a) limited bets per day b) limited to below 5% value.

I’ve got a couple of questions before or if I drive in and purchase the Starter package.

  1. how many bets are available to you and can you get on with 2 - 3 screen time and 3 - 4 major bookies.

  2. what sort of value % are you getting with the Starter package? I’m currently limited to 5%. I assume higher % would help getting better gains (and reduce some variance).

This there anything else I should know or avoid? Would you recommend RB Value Betting to your granny?

Thanks in advance…