Full time sportsbetting Ladbrokes and Napoleongames

Hello I want to start full time sportsbetting, I have around 20k capital. After testing out it wil look like 50-60 bets in weekdays 100-150 in weekends a day. What should be the best filters to use? I can handle the downswings. The goal is to make as much money I will evaluate every 3 months. Should I increase stake to 3 proc?

How much should be possible to make in roi each month?

To estimate your ROI, you do expected number of bets per month times your avg CLV per bet (in general around 2.5%, but can be higher) times avg value per bet (based on bankroll size).

You will need to consider a smart strategy to avoid getting blocked very quickly. If you come with a bankroll of 2K at a bookie and smash their lines for one month, they will limit you right away. That’s why you want to go under cover and spread on as much bookies as possible.

If you do Napoleon, you should also go with Unibet as they are clones.

If you really consider making money, you should first “warm up” these accounts, i.e. play around for 2-3 months like a normal (bad) punter: you bet on the popular leagues (UCL, premier league, la liga, NBA, NFL, MLB, …), you do accumulators, you throw some bucks in the casino. You do it smartly to avoid losing too much money (ideally match your bet on an exchange), but losing 500-1000 bucks in the process should grant you extra account duration, hence extra money when you actually start doing value betting.

Ladbrokes: in my country, odds are always below what is suggested in Rebelbetting, so I couldn’t make profit there.

Typical settings with good results (based on my experience and what I saw in this forum):
Bets with CLV above 2.4%
Bet in the 24 hours range before start of the event
avg odds between 1.8 to 2.2. I prefer to stay below 2.0 to limit variance.
kelly at 30%
max bet 1.5-2% of your bankroll (i play defensive with max 1.5%)
Strict bankroll management: you adjust your bankroll size according to your results to make sure you get the suggested bet value correct.

And while value betting, keep putting accumulators and popular league bets here and there, just to keep underdover.