Funds Transfer without Withdrawal

Hi guys,

Am soliciting views on how to transfer funds from one bookie to another without a withdrawal. Perhaps, this could be via an arbitrage or some sort of cross market. I know RB has an article on this, but it doesn’t give specifics.

Any thoughts?

Never any guarantees with with Arbs since you will most likely, over time, win more on the soft bookie. Actually that is one of the drawbacks with arbing… the balancing of the accounts.

I had one idea to stay under the radar when value betting. If i made it to lets say 2000$ on bookie A, i want to win back the bookies trust by basically losing most of my money. One idea would be to pick a matches where the odds of one team winning is much greater than other. Bet for the unpopular team to be sure you actually lose money, bet a high amount like 500 or whatever and then bet on Bookie B for the other team. Chances are you’ll lose your bet on Bookie A and basically transfer the money over to Bookie B, preferably a bookie that doesnt limit you, like pinnacle. The best choice would be to pick a match that is an arb, no matter how small. But you could also pick any match where you lose only a small percentage of that money, like 3%. Do that a couple times, preferably on the same sport and onto different other bookies or even exchanges, until you have reached your desired bankroll on Bookie A. Bookie A will be happy and satisfied you lost most of your profit, not knowing you just transfered over that money to bookies and exchanges that dont limit you.
There might be a flaw in this idea so feel free to point it out

Even if, in your example, the bookie A match is at odds 5.0 they will roughly win 1 out of 5 matches… And suddenly you find yourself where you started. :star_struck:
If there is one thing bookies likes less than a Value bettor it is an Arb bettor.

Then we have to place even dumber bets. I mean the idea is to lose on one bookie and it cant be that hard to lose if thats what you really want to do. Betting on an insane total goals over bets with 15.0 odds or whatever. Even if you win sooner or later, losing a substantial amount of money a couple times in order to pump/deposit back into your fav bookie might give a further edge to stay under the radar much longer. If my bookie thinks im an idiot for a couple months longer, thats thousands of profit more. Account longevity is extremely crucial in my eyes and should be taken more seriously, because anytime we dont take steps to prolong our accounts life, we lose alot of potential money. And i cant think of another way to lose money on my most profitable bookie, without actually losing any money

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Go for it!

Am sorry to say that your method is not viable in the long run if when placing arb bets on both sides of a market, preferably a soft with high odds and a sharp with low odds, you would end up increasing your account balance on the soft and decreasing your account balance on the sharp. Here’s why: let’s say you’re arbing, in most instances there would be a positive EV on the soft side and a negative EV on the sharp side. I guess you know that placing bets with positive EV would increase an account balance in the long run while placing bets with negative EV would decrease an account balance in the long run.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re smart enough to consistently find arb bets with negative EV on the soft side and positive EV on the sharp side, you would decrease your soft account and increase your sharp account.

But, it wouldn’t make logical sense to place arb bets comprising a negative EV on the soft side and a positive EV on the sharp side. Why not opt for placing only on the sharp side?

You are right, it wouldnt work in the long run and the type of arbs i would need would probably be too rare to find and i would have to opt for negative Arbs (which are not arbs at that point). The idea is to squeeze out as much bankroll from Bookie A as possible. If i lost 5x 500$ bets on bookie A, that could perhaps get me under the radar and prolong my account life, which in turn increases profits.

“Why not opt for placing only on the sharp side?”
Do you mean only doing +EV on the sharp side? Afaik that not viable at the moment

Yes, placing only on the sharp side of an arb would make sense to me cause placing on both sides would substantially reduce the +EV with every arb.