Game account limitations in value betting

hello I’m Italian I’m using the translator I wanted to ask but soft bookmakers limit the accounts if you bet at £ 10 per stake?


can any good man answer please?

They won’t limit your account right away. If you are winning you may be limited at some point - varies from bookmakers to bookmakers. I suggest get started and follow the advise collected by RB here:


not limit right away???
unibet/betway/marathon y need tobe very happy to not get in limited in 3-7 days

Never tried that 3 bookmakers. I tried though 10Bet, Bet365, LeoVegas, SBO, Pinnacle, 188Bet and I have had 0 issues with them. I stopped using some of these bookmakers, because they were not profitable and/or didn’t receive enough number of value bets. I’m certainly happy for the fact I didn’t get limited :slight_smile: