Getting gubbed by bet365

I’ve never been in negative with those three days like combined, might be negative in one of them but when combined, I’m always in profit, worst case scenario is I’m below ev.

365 has a yield of 4.3% for me. If i place 800 bets within those three days with stake sizing of say 50USD i expect to make; 1720


sometimes i over perform, sometimes hit this ev, sometimes i end up below it but rarely not in profit or negative. Now you could make more with a bigger bankroll and more effort. Preserving accounts is a boat that I’ve let sail, now i bet like my account’s getting gubbed the next day🙂

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How do you do that? I mean opening account after account after account…?
They want your passport, right? Do they actually not realize its the same person/address/bank account/name/birthday?

Or do you have like 50 friends and they are all willing to give you their passport(photo)s?

Just curious as I plan to do something similar :slight_smile:

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Sourcing for accounts hasn’t been easy by any means, it’s not like i have 50 friends, once you know 4 people, you can open accounts with their id and when those accounts get gubbed, they refer you to their friends friend and the circle goes on and on. This approach will make sense for people with a large bankroll as they will be able to turnover more money thus translating to a better pay/hour ratio. Also, you might have to give incentives that will make friends bring friends, this whole model basically relies on networking and a large bankroll :smiley:, the pros outweigh the cons so…

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I will also advise you get a partner so y’all can divide labour, as running everything on your own can be very tedious which can in turn lead to mistakes. Anyways, goodluck in your future endeavors :smiley:.

Thanks for the insight!

I hope I can convince some of my people. I am curious how long my first account will last. Doing some arbs since two weeks, going to start +EV in the weekend

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Great insights. But i was reading somewhere, that you need to use a different 4g phone each time? Otherwise they recognise you. And i presume the money then goes to your friends bank account when withdrawn and you have to pray they keep their side of the bargain and need keep the money? :sweat_smile:

Can I ask what your min and max settings are with your ev bets.

And do you guys take on every bet given?

Sorry only just seen this! My min and max are always 1.4 and 2.9. I use up to 24 hours filter through the week, then on Friday morning ish I switch to 6 hour max. And yeah I take on literally every bet I can personally!