Getting gubbed by bet365

Ive made 2 different accounts since my main got restricted. Both have lasted only 2 weeks each. Is it just this difficult to keep alt accounts going or am I doing something wrong? I’m using a very old iPhone 6 on 4g, I guess the phone did connect to my wifi before but that was years ago. I’m only depositing up to £1000 in each account aswell. My most recent account got gubbed today and I deposited £300, £300 then £200 once I had a load of open bets on the weekend. £10 stakes, went up to £15 stakes yesterday.

If this is all I can expect from making new accounts then I guess I’m probably going to have to stop here😒 any suggestions would really be appreciated!

Depositting schedule is too aggressive. you’ll be getting safer gambling warnings for depositing more than £250 in 7 days, £500 in 7 days etc. Best way is if you can grow the balance from winnings. Stake sizes should be fine at that level.

What initial deposit would you recommend? 250 then go from there? im only worrying as if i only have a 250 bank roll, i dont know if my winnings will even cover the subscription:/

It’s tough honestly trying to warm accounts. I’d go max £300 and try and bide my time. That being said I have a lot of friends I can lean on for accounts so I’m working with a bunch of accounts at once at varying stages. If you can get 3 accounts going at once with £300 initial deposit that give you 60-90 bets worth of runway. Hopefully you get off to a good start and your away. Replace one every time you lose one and you should always be OK. I’ve lost 15 subs worth this week on a bad variance swing though so maybe I’m not the right guy to talk about winnings :rofl:

will definitely try this, going to set up 2 accounts now hopefully! Would you recommend i turn down the max time till event starts to free up more bank roll quickly? i have had it set on up to 24 hours since i started

Yes i recommend your turn down max time, doing so will increase clv and free up more bankroll.

Thanks for the reply! What would you recommend?

Update: Made a new account, started at £300, went up to £900 but gubbed in about 10 days:(

welcome to the club, try to get a 3th account and then just use the 3 gubbed accounts to place bets.

Sometimes it will only be 9€ bet with the 3 accounts but most often than not you can bet around 18€ per bet with 3 accounts

How does your setup/device differ from your previous accounts?

I started an account, deposited 1500 and made off with 1k in 3days then got gubbed. For those with multiple accounts at their disposal, i recommend betting on weekends (fri, sat, sun) where there are a lot of bets. You can set very very tight presets(i get cocky and set 7% with less than 4 hours-football, 6% and less than 2.5 hours-basketball) and still exhaust your bankroll, atleast that was what i did on the new i account opened, managed to place around a 1000+ bets within those 3 days.

So you deposit big and hammer them hard within this 3days, i might just stick to this approach as school is kinda eating into my time. Will update as time goes on.

Coming back to this, I just had another account gubbed, but this account lasted me a little over a month so I’m really happy with that!

Now I plan on going on and making another account in a family members name, however I would like to technically ‘warm’ another account at the same time. I want to have 1 account where I will jump straight into value betting, while having another new account which I act like a normal punter for a few weeks (or until the other one gets gubbed). What’s the best way to go about this IP wise? Should I just switch between sims on the same phone or would I need a third phone??

I will just give the account with some deposited money already to a mate who mug bets and leave him to place bets via the account for a week or two to warm it up, trust me no one mug bets better than mug bettors😅

Congratulations on achieving a one month life span! Would you mind sharing with us the specifics of how you accomplished this ?I am particularly interested in the amount you deposited, the size of your stake, and your total profit. Thank you!

To be honest, I must have slipped through the net a bit luckily as I did the same as on my previous account which only lasted like 10 days🤣

I deposited £500 all in one go, then sat on £10 stakes for probably close to 3 weeks until my bank roll grew, then spent about 10 days or so on £15/£20 stakes. Used 24 hour event limit through the week, then change it to 6 hours for Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I also don’t turn down any bets, I take everything available at 6% plus!

Also I still have bets settling, but at the moment the profit is looking to be around £1500!


Vamos mate💪! 1 month is indeed gold this days😅

Goodluck on your next account.

:rofl: mate i will advise you to just be like me and hammer this bookmakers with all you got. I’m done trying to preserve accounts​:sweat_smile: i start new accounts with $30 or so this days and the weekend approach is something worth looking into as you can make 2k+ within those three days with a good bankroll (3k+).

Could be a good strat tbf, what’s the most you’ve been down in one of those periods?? I’d be devastated if I had bad variance one of those weekends😭