Getting limited

Hello all.

I’m curious about people getting limited. This service is really for the long term with value betting, and I’m wondering how people continue once they get limited on an account. “Just use your friends or family members”, yes okay that’s another few hundred or thousand bucks - then what?

If there are some OGs here, pls fill me in on how you stay in the game, thanks

Hey mate, the other way than what you mentioned above is to bet on sharp bookies. The problem is, that it’s pretty hard to beat them, as the margins are so much smaller than on the softs. This causes higher variance too. There are few pros in using sharps tho…

I’d recommend you finding more friends, as that would be easier than making profit on sharps lol (just my point of view!).

Have a good one.

Hey thanks for response. What does that mean “bet on sharp bookies”. what are you betting on exactly? and where? is it not through a bookie like value and surebetting is used for? I mean if it is, it doesnt really matter does it, after a certain profit youll get limited anyways.

Or after re-reading your answer, maybe you mean that i use sharpbookies to bet on instead of softs? can you not get limited there you say? even if it would be harder to make profits

I don’t use sharp/asian bookies yet. But that’s exactly what I meant. You won’t get limited on those sites, as they welcome professionals and high-stake punters. It’s similar to exchanges like betfair or smarkets.

You can check out other posts on the forum about the sharps. The ones I saw ppl are using are: betinasia, asianconnect, sbo, sportmarket, pinnacle (this is probably the benchmark, so you most likely won’t make any profit there)…

Cool did not know about that, thanks for your answers man, appriciated. The sharp bookies are available only in pro version i see, might consider upgrading then