Going down / first month of value betting


200 bets but only going down so far.
I’m starting to lose faith in mathematics, though an engineer.
Did anyone experienced the same during the first month?
I managed to hit 15 losses in a row… impressive

My first month I lost almost my entire bankroll on B365. In all fairness I had “improved” (wink-wink) on the default filter settings - that did NOT turn out good.
Stick to the default settings (or close to them) and put down MANY more bets.

In my first day of rb starter i lost 140 euros. Had 9 losses in a row, i remember. 15 is WOW.
Today, 50 days later and 3477 bets, i’m +1200 euros.

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yes. when you get a shit load of losses in a row you literally think the goods and pissing on you :wink: My best so far is 18 losses in 20 bets. But it evens out, don’t worry and then starts to move upward with the odds slightly stacked in your favour

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Yes, last month was a hard one…I had a similar experience following the method however so far I have seen some significant improvement. See my posting.

I made the suggested improvements in the replies and this has helped.