Going south! Any support appreciated.

Not sure what I am doing wrong if anything. I have very much left the filters to their defaults values with a few tweaks on sorting order now and again to help turn-around bets. Started pretty strong with a few dips here and there but recently I cannot seem to get a run of positive results. I know this is a long term game but if I am seeing this trend using the standard settings then I assume others must be too?

I’m not being overly selective on bets I’m picking the top value bets and I will use any available bookie - maybe this is what is wrong?

By way of background I’m a reasonable well practiced match better so not a complete novice but certainly I am a novice value better.

Appreciate any guidance that can be provided as I go on the roller coaster :face_with_peeking_eye: - which I expected but need to know it is not something I am doing wrong.

I was planning on upgrading to the pro version but given my current learning curve I am not sure it will be worth the additional cost - minus this months subscription I am at a financial loss.

It is mentally challenging when a downswing like this hits you.
I was at loss during my first month - that is now 15 months ago. Now I have more than 30k€ profit so trust the process.
Turn of the AFOB and increase the min value to around 4 for events that start within 12 hours. Later than that you should increase the value even more.
You can decrease the Kelly which will result in more bets required to get the bankroll into play - that helps in smoothing out the ups/downs. Personally I have a much higher max stake limit, usually between 3.5 and 4% (or it truncates the Kelly to much). If you are at a loss in first month you have Rebelbettings profit guarantee. Ask support and they will give you a free month.
This is pretty much the same answer I give to every bettor like you that pops in to the forum and asks for help. Search and read some of the older posts. The combined knowledge in the community and forum is a gold mine.
We also have a great Discord server.

You are not doing anithing wrong its the same for everyone else.

@ [totrashbin01] please present your graph we are eager too see the success

Ups and downs are part of VB.
My journey so far.

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Yes and you are hiding the dates and amount off trades. Nice job hidding it haha

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What is your point?
I have have been a subscriber for about 15 months and I have more than 30k bets.