Good bookmakers for Germans

Is their any recommendations for bookmakers that can be used from Germany I am only using bet365 at the moment but at one point I will get limited their and any good looking bookmaker I can find stoped serving to people based in Germany

Also I noticed that around 20 bets that show up in rebellbetting a day are not available on German bet365

Sharp bookmakers would only be an option if rebelbetting releases an API and I can place bets automatically


For me the bookmaker with the most (value) bets is Suprabets. I discovered two weeks ago that BetOnline is also available in Germany and they also have quite a lot of value bets. You just have to be careful with the exchange rate EURUSD as BetOnline accounts are solely in USD. Behind those three is Tipico, but they don’t come even close to Suprabets, BetOnline or Bet365.

Be careful with Supra bets, they have a shady reputation

Okay, what have they done exactly?

Search Supra bets in the forum

I see, thanks!