Good settings for Profit

Only have been using this account for just over 2 weeks.
394 bets
Stake size (60 AUD) 1.5%
Odds (1.4 -2.6)
Value % (3 - 20)
Time (42hours)
Bookies (bet365 Only)
Sports (BasketBall, Tennis, Hockey, MMA, Boxing)
Markets (Win market Only)

I also had soccer in there, but I recently took it out, cause I was liking the results. My profit realistically is like 1400, but I took out around $300.

Hope this helps anyone who is struggling with making profits

That’s great it’s going well but I’d probably evaluate it more once you hit a few thousand bets as it could just be good variance atm. I had a really great start as well and now on a bit of a down-swing now I’m around 1500 bets so you can never really tell until you get those numbers high! Hope it continues to go up for you!

Yeah you right, I’ll see how it goes after a thousand bets. Though I did try this method on another account and I got similar results in about 2 weeks.

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Keep us up to date on here. Always interesting to see people’s progress. Good luck!

No reason in taking out soccer, you just get a lot less bets

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Yes I am aware there will be less bets but because when it comes to the Win market, I haven’t had good results, cause there is the “draw” factor aswell, compared to basketball an tennis when its only Win or Lose factor

Yeah but it doesn’t make any sense to take out soccer, if you take out every sport when they have a bad streak you’re gonna end up with 0 sports to bet on

As I said, I have only taken out soccer because it relies on 3 outcomes for a result, and also you have underestimated the volume of bets that come thru with the other sports. I get on average around 15-20 bets a day with the other sports excluding soccer

Sure but it doesn’t make any sense, the fact that a soccer game can end in a draw doesn’t make soccer bets less profitable. Also most bets in soccer are asian handicaps and over/unders anyways where there are two outcomes

what have been your soccer results ?

Very similar to all other sports

Share your results. I could learn a thing or 2

Removing soccer is a very bad idea like others already mentioned

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Okay I will keep soccer. What you think about the settings I have mentioned over? Only betting on Win market

I’m curious about the football settings too

I just bet on every market, value is value. I also kept the default settings RB provided. I just changed the max odds to 2.7 and I change the Time to start to 48/24h depending on the volume that day. I’m pretty sure you are overthinking it.

What was the reason for the 2.7 change out of interest?

Just to get a little less variance, downswings will be a little less brutal but so does upswings

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