Great new markets

Evobet has the same lines as 50 more bookmakers. Often they use basketball lines from Interwetten. Make them pay guys.
Over here you can see the list of the sites. With the great promos they have for midweek 50% on deposit you can boost your profit.

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With the bonuses this can be very profitable for us guys. We can scale up


I have some questions about your post on the forum. It seems like you are suggesting that Evobet and 50 other bookmakers have the same odds, and that Evobet sometimes uses basketball lines from Interwetten.

I wanted to clarify if you are suggesting that people make new accounts on each bookmaker and use software that selects Evobet to find value bets, and then place those bets on all the bookmakers in the list you provided.

Additionally, would you be willing to join our RebelBetting Discord server to provide further explanation on this strategy?

Thank you.

Yes, every bookmaker from those, same odds

are those bookmakers legit? Some of those looks sketchy

They all looked sketchy to me. They are focusing on casino, that is why the sport section is with less control. Till this moment I’ve managed to get all the money from them. I can not guarantee for anything, but my experience with them is good

Hey can u tell wich of those books allowed u to withdraw without any shenanigans? Im using PowBet atm and so far they are letting withdraw.

Hey TonyTwist, I manage to withdraw all the money , but I have to admit that after the 6-7th bookie from the group It started to get a bit annoying. Verifications and stuff, weeks, month + in some, but after all paying out was done. Keep betting

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Can u give me the names of the books u were able to withdraw?


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I dont want to come off as anoying but u were able to withdraw from all the books on that sheet?

Yes. normal stuff with verification taking them weeks to do, but no money were held

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Araxia Development NV: sites that you listed below, does these have same odds? Thank you! :slight_smile:

yes they do

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Both powbet and Evobet just limited me to a 1$ maximum bet on any market (even the superbowl lmao) . It happened the same day for both so I guess some books are starting to exchange info about sharp bettors :confused:

Have you played certain big leagues, or how have you placed your bets?

I think a lot of those bookmakers in that list are scams and will void your winnings, or there is such good chance for it that it is not worth doing them. But it might also depend on how big you bet and win, like are the bets/winnings multiple thousand? I would think if one bets <100e it might be fine, they don’t have time to go through all and focus scamming from bigger winners. That Rabidi NV is 100% scam I have over 10k stuck there.

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Which of these bookmakers have MGA-licence?