Gubbed from bet365 before placing bets

So I got gubbed from my main account i tried using a friend’s account and they didn’t let me deposit and once i contacted the support they told me I can’t use this account. Why is that?

Did u use the same internet connexion for both account?

You provide almost no information on how you went about using your friends account.
Are we supposed to play 20 questions with you now to try and help you?
@TonyTwist has asked a question so I guess only 19 remains.

Is it best if I’m using my partners bet365 account to have my vpn running?

B365 does not work over commercial VPN.
Some residential VPNs might work.

You have quite an extraordinary way of communicating, keeping in mind you’re a “moderator”

I’m using 3rd account with same mobile phone and number but still going.
2 account already limited after withdraw funds.
1st account 2k+ profit
2nd 5k+ profit
Both accounts limited after withdrawing fund.