Gubbed - What next?

Hi Everyone,

I have been a member of rebel betting for around 6 or 7 weeks now, I have had a few accounts gubbed instantly and my bet365 account has now been gubbed after 4/5 weeks and around £2000 profit.

My question is what do value betters/users of rebel betting do after their accounts are gubbed? I have quite alot of bookmakers I can still try and hit but what do users do once all online accounts have been hit?

I know some people try multi-account with friends/family accounts which is an option, but ultimately these will be gubbed too. Is value betting still possible once this happens?

Is it possible to continue value betting on exchanges/sharps/gubbed accounts and even in physical brick and mortar bookmaker shops?

Hope my questions make sense, I am just trying to work out the longer term vision for value betting and what it will look like for me in a years time or so.

Hi there,

Sounds like we are at a similar point in our journey. I myself am now being stake restricted across a number of bookies which is frustrating and slowing down the profit pace considerably.

Currently I am taking whatever the bookies give me by way of value bets, therefore if Bet365 offers me £4.62 for a bet that should be £15 I’m taking it. Is that right? I don’t know but I have read in the forum that they seem happy to allow you to keep doing this.

Other bookies are not as lucrative but I am using pretty much all available in the UK which I have open due to match bettering activities that I dabble in.

I have been taking a few bets with BetFair and Smarkets which have some success but not seeing as many value bets in the list. Maybe sure bets will also be a way forward which take a little more effort.

I look forward to learning from the community on how to maintain this journey.

Yeah it seems like we are at a similar stage, I do have quite a lot of bookies still to use but some may limit more quickly than others.

I have a paddy power near me so one option I had was to use the store for any 2 up offers where I can lay on the exchange for a sure bet but in a physical store it only applies to certain markets. These are the type of options I’m looking into for longer term.

Likewise, where I live in the UK if you go into any high street in the town centres there will likely be a minimum 3/4 bookmakers within walking distance so in store betting may be an option.

But I am mostly curious as to what most people do once they expend their accounts, do people just cancel their subscription and leave? Or is there more to it than that

On a long enough timeline, everyone is destined to try and make the exchanges work.

Soft bookmakers with whom it is relatively easy to profit are simply not sustainable.

I recall my Boylesports account. It was never in profit and as I was betting on the horses, I had an extremely low strike rate. Yet I was quickly restricted because my selections’ prices beat BSP. The restriction was a preventative strike before positive variance sent put me into profit.

Whether you are a card counter or a value better, if you take the house’s edge, you will be backed off.