Handicap vs Moneyline

So maybe it is a stupid question, I’m new to this but I was wondering how could this strategy could be winning. I was offered a bet in surebetting tool as it was asking for a Asian line of (0) for a team and the money line for the other. If the result is a draw, am I not losing money here automatically independently of the odds??

Another question, they ask for 1.25 bet sometimes but my bet365 doesn’t have that line. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Win (moneyline) is a 2-way bet (no draw option). If you have placed money on a Win bet, and the match ends in a draw, your Win bet will be refunded. Exactly the same as AH(0). An asian handicap of 0 (AH0) is the same as Draw No Bet, as it eliminates the option of a draw.

Please read more about different bet types and what they mean here

Sometimes a bookmaker can change the limit/line instead of changing the odds. This may be what happened. Or you are looking at the wrong place to find the odds. If you need more guidance on this, please contact me on our support chat and I’ll help you navigate the bookmaker site. Also, I suggest you learn more about Asian handicap here.


That’s the 1,25 line, if that’s what you meant.

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Yes, some bookmakers present them in that way as well; 1.0,+1,5.