Happy New Year! Here's a look back on 2022 🎉

Thank you for an amazing 2022

We would like to say Thank you to all community members for contributing and sharing your stories this year. We are happy to have such passionate and engaging members, and we appreciate your constructive feedback.

Before we head into the new year, we want to share a few of the RebelBetting highlights of 2022. Check out what we´ve done to improve:

See you in 2023 - We´ve got some big news for you in January!

/The RebelBetting team


I spotted an error in opening line! You have NOT added Tony Bet as a Bookmaker…or if you have–it is not showing in your list of available when I try to add it as a Bookmaker

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Oh, I am so sorry. How embarrassing. We did add it - but it is not currently on the list as we have issues getting their odds. Let me check with the devs to see if we are able to get them back anytime soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and the false advertisement.

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I wish the whole community (also to the management of RB) all the best in 2023. :champagne: Especially good health (it’s the most important) and may the CLV curves continue to grow! :awthanks: