Has bet365 become shark?

colossal losses this month, so far. i only play at bet365, even the turnover is not that small, but bigger, around 12,000, normally also the biggest loss. I keep it just to see the statistics because I only use bet365, and I find it easy to do the calculations. it has not happened to me before. (I have been playing regularly for about 6 months) has bet365 shark been made?
I believe it will be one of those standard answers, where you say you need more bets, etc. etc., but I did not accept it as an answer because there are enough bets to have such big losses.


i guess y need to avoid leagues or change your filter

you are betting on everywhere
when i open the database odds 1.45-3.5 edge 2.20 bet 365
soccer overs/unders last 6 months 600 points recommend leagues
time 0-24 hours only question is how many matches y will get matched

No, Bet365 has not turned into a shark :slight_smile:

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