Have you ever been banned from a bookmaker?

Hi everybody! I’ve started using the free trial for 2 days and a couple of hours ago i asked myself: what happens if my bookmaker decides to ban me? Do I lose all the money in the bookmaker account? Have it ever happend to someone in the community?

I apologize for my bad english lol and also if i didn’t post my question in the right way

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The bookmakers almost never ban you and keep your money, what happens is that they limit your bets usually when you have made too much profit in their site. And when that happens you can still withdraw your money.
I have never heard of someone doing value betting getting banned and their money being held from them.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much FinleyVol2 for the response. How much money do you mean when you say " … too much profit in their site."?

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It depends who you’re with. The big oldschool bookies don’t hold your funds, but some of the little ones do. They either do it by asking for very invaisive information about your finances or they claim you’re not playing fairly (the irony). In those cases they can withold your winnings and just pay back your deposits. It is very rare, but possible. You’re most likely to just get restricted.