Help on value betting before I fully dive in

Hello everyone, I have two questions. Do you calculate kelly stake using your entire bankroll or do you adjust it to the money you have at certain bookmakers? lets say I have around 1k bankroll (not a lot, I know but I’m a student so I’m glad I got that in the first place) and spread it evenly across 4 bookmakers having 250 euros on each account. do i calculate 0.3 kelly with 1k bankroll or 250 bankroll?

second question with value betting: do you just completely trust the software and go heads in with every bet that gives you good ROI and the match is about to start (major leagues to avoid ban of course) or do you select the bets with some extra consideration that i havent read about anywhere? Thanks for the response and have a nice day :)))

  1. First you don’t calculate Kelly yourself, the software does that for you automatically. Kelly is calculated based on your overall bankroll (1k in your case). I won’t recommend splitting your bankroll equally across bookmakers as volume varies across each bookmaker, list the bookmakers you plan on using so i can advise how to split bankroll on this books

  2. You take every bet that pop up on the software because all bets that pop up meet the parameters set by you in filters so it won’t be wise to be picky with bets with the exclusion of basketball, most of us go with the 4% min edge and <4Hour(5%, 5 Hours, 6%, Hours) rule for basketball bets as it was kinda hard for us to break even there. Please turn off the major league setting, the goal is to maximize profit efficiently not account life, turning on major leagues will impact volume by almost 90%, the odds change fast on those league so it will be hard to get a bet.

For account limitations, that’s inevitable and the lifespan for accounts are getting shorter by the day so you’ll want to make the most out of an account before you’re gubbed.