Here is my first 5000 bets



Really nice and welcome to the community.

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What bookies are you using?

Bet365, Betinia, Unibet, Betsson and SvenskaSpel.
Try to find a friend to borrow accounts from, Bwin, Betway and Coolbet.

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coolbet is not supported by rebel, how do u get value bets?

Have missed that they removed Coolbet. Well then I don’t have to hunt for account there at the moment

Do you bet on all bets you get or skip some and why? Do you use premium?

What filter? Thanks for helping out!

No, I don’t take all bets. I check all the bets on the oddsportalen first to see how the odds movement has been, and what the starting odds was. I have more rules. It all depends on the sport, or over/under. There will be so much to write. But an example for football. I never play AH- for the away team, only away win or AH+ 0,5 0,75 or 1. AH- for home team should always have odds higher than 2.35… Now, someone will probably say that you shouldn’t do that, cause you miss out on games. But it works for me and that’s the most important thing for me. No, I don’t use premium.

Kelly criterion: 20%
Max stake: 1,5%


Nice work! Im curious about your tactics with ”low tier” league, just started RB this week and Im swedish aswell, feels like i get tons of low tier icehockey and handball with alot of handicap plays. Do you play thoose bet aswell ?
And last question : how long time did it take to place 5000 bets ?:grinning: keep up the good work and good luck dont get limited to fast! //Mvh Sebb

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My tactic with “low tier”. I don´t play at lower then div3, except England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.
I only play over/under on Icehockey, Handball, Tennis, Baseball, AMFotball and Rugby. I start in september.
Thank you, and good luck with the “Grind Betting”.

I do not agree with it but I will not tell you that you should not do it. You have a great yield and decent amount of bets and decent profit. So keep it up!