How bookies limit bettors

I got limited in unibet, LeoVegas and Mr Green after just few hundred bets.
Can i get more profit from bookmakers if i bet more bets with lower value?
My average bet value is 4.95%
I have 1183 bets and 403€ profit in bet365 and still no limits.

-LeoVegas limited after 33 bets and 80€ profit
-Mr Green limited after around 100 bets and 100€ profit
-Unibet limited after 260 bets and 230€ profit
(i know that Mr Green and LeoVegas are unibet clones and maybe unibet just limits quickly)
I would like to hear your experiences.

In my(short) experience;
Bet365 takes a long time to limit, compared to other soft bookmakers

Unibet, LeoVegas, MrGreen, Paf, Casumo which are all clones limit you very fast if you place bets with high value. I’m pretty sure these sites share information about profitable bettors with each other too, which means you can get limited really fast.

Betsafe, ComeOn, Netbet would lie somewhere in between these, as they do limit you but not nearly as fast as Unibet and its clones.

And these aren’t facts or anything just my personal experience.

can you show me all your bets from unibet ? I wan to see your bet amount, how many bets per day, what sport …

Mine is limited already 1xbet , Betwinner, now I only have Bet365. Other dealers My country can’t apply. I’m starting to get discouraged and I’m probably going to finish betting this month as the last month.

I bet 5€, 10€, 15€ or 20€ depends on what rebelbetting recommends.
And about 15 bets per day to unibet. I bet basketball, soccer, tennis, esports and hockey.

better to bet on bookies that limit fast bet only soccer on the better leagues i guess keep it simple

eventually u have to move to exchange

They do not have rules. William Hill gubbed me after £60 profit and you can do nothing so try not to let it worry you

winner not welcome