How do i access the starter version of RB

I’m from Africa and I’ve got just three bookies available to me, Using the free trial i found that i could ony get about 100 bets down in a week. With at best 10 percent return on investment and 40% a month. With that being said i don’t see why i should pay this much for this software with little bets coming in and slow returns. Isn’t there a cheaper plan for those of us whose currency is not so good. A pound is over 1k in my currency, that translates to me paying 100+k every month. I think a cheaper plan should be made for us down here.

What bookies are you using mate?

Bet365, Marathonbet and Betano

Why did you only put down 100 bets in a week with access to B365?
100 Bets can be done on a Saturday or in two workdays.
You should strive for at least 1000 bets a month!