How do I scroll down on the ValueBetting screen to see more bets?

Sorry probably really obvious, but I can’t see how to scroll down on the main screen where the Value bets are displayed.

It says I have 50 bets available but I can only actually view the top 10. The top 10 are obscure sports and I want to view the other bets to see if there are any other main stream options.

same problem here!

The idea is you should make a filter to only show bets you actually want to place. This way there is no need to scroll down and manually verify each bet, just bet on all of them!

You said “obscure sport”, you can disable sports under Options/Sports.

If you mean it was an “obscure league” you don’t want to bet on (for whatever reason), you need to click the bet and then Snooze it.

Hope this makes sense.