How do I update my starting funds every day?

How do I update my starting funds every day? If the first day, my total capital is 12000, the starting capital is 12000, by the next day, I lost 1000, then I should reduce the starting capital to 11000? And does the total money need to be updated?I am very confused about this, I hope someone to help me answer it. Thank you so much

For example, this picture

You change your current bankroll, not your starting.

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This is my first day with Rebel.

Are you guys telling me that I have to manually update my current bankroll every day? That’s time consuming?

How do you guys/girls keep track of your balance for each bookie you have added to rebel? Do you have a separate spreadsheet?

I tried out Trademate Sports before I signed up for rebel. There I could add bookies with starting balance. When a bet later was corrected my current balance for that bookie was updated. And the Total balance was update so I could easily keep track of my total balance. (In my case 5 different bookies)

I hope I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Edit 1: I’m only using the webb version of the value betting.
Edit 2: Why can’t the Current Bankroll = Starting Bank +/- (Current Cumulative Profit) ?

Yes, this has to be done manually as of now. We are working on getting this automated. Our ValueBetting service will continue to improve.

Many thanks for giving us feedback! :relaxed:

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