How hard wil Bet365 restrict you

Hello guys,

I’ve been Value betting for the last 4 months now and the time has come that almost all my bet365 accounts are gubbed/limited.

I wanted to give up but then I treid to just place the same value bet on 2 gubbed accounts at the same time and it seems to work.

I mean it isn’t the 25 or 35€ per bet I am used to but some bigger leages I can still place 10€ bets per account so 20€ in total.

On smaller teams I can only place 2.5€ per account but still, 5€ per bet is better than 0.

Now my question is will bet365 limit you even harder after seeing I am still making a profit?

I know smaller bookies will limit you to the pennies but I can’t seem to find anyone that is limited to 0 or has their account fully closed on bet365.

So I am making this post to find people with more information about this.

Thanks and happy value betting guys

Yes they’re gonna limit you down to pennies eventually


Thank you for letting me know, do you have experience with value betting on a gubbed account?

How many more profit can you squize out of the gubbed profiles on avrage ?

Around a 1000, that journey’s gonna be really slow though as you’re staking small, better to use that time and source accounts