How I made £1,000 in 20 days | Chris Symcox's personal story

In this video betting enthusiast Chris shares his betting journey and reveals how he made £1,000 in just 20 days. Check it out:

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Thanx for this video Chris. Our question isnt how long it takes to get bets on…its how long it takes before Bet365 GUB you. Ive seen several of your other vids on YouTube, in which you share various betting strategies. Could you share how you managed to be winning on all your strategies over the years and NOT get gubbed?

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As a proxy for Chris, I referred your question to him and he replied; “it comes down to account health as the account I used to make that profit was a few years old and had lots of regular mug betting activity on it. If someone attempted it on a brand new bet365 account then it would likely be gubbed/restricted within a few days”.

So I guess this post is not particularly encouraging for newbies to learn that if they make £1000 in 20 days their act with Bet 365 would be gubbed…and they need to know its a BIG “IF”… I am now gubbed/banned right down to being able to bet with just Coral / Ladbrokes . Value Betting has been profitable for me , but now cost me all my Softs, the exception being 10bet…which I understand RB is still working on to get them back on board.

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