How I made 343,000 kr (€33 000) in 10 months (+my settings!)

My latest blog post. You can find all my stats, settings, options, profit per bookmaker/market and everything else I could find here: (apologies for the slightly shameless plug!)

I did briefly hit a new high of 350,000 kr which is honestly quite ridiculous before a slight dip down to 343,000 kr. One of the most common requests I get these days is to share my settings. I am more than happy to do this and will do it at the end of this post but it’s important to understand that there’s no secret combination of settings that will suddenly send your profits skyrocketing. In truth, the stake-sizing, kelly criterion and all the other tweaks are only there to enable you to have some control over the variance and the risk to your bankroll. Obviously, if you’re starting out with limited funds it’s critical that you use the recommended stakes and max odds but in reality, there’s only one sure-fire way of consistently increasing your profits and that’s to keep placing more bets.

Since my bankroll (currently set as 90,000kr) is relatively modest compared to my actual profits I’ve been increasingly just flat-staking (placing the same size bet whatever the odds) or just randomly increasing my stake if it happens to be a team I quite like. Also, although I do think it’s good to stick to specific markets or sports with some bookmakers I really don’t read too much into my profits per market or sport. If it’s got value, place the bet. I regularly place bets where the odds have changed even if the value is only around 1%. After 8000 bets I’ve discovered that it doesn’t make much difference. So rather than having a specific profit target, you should really focus on placing a specific number of bets. As I mentioned earlier in my blog back in those heady days of summer, Bet365 and waking up at 5.30 am to place tennis bets, my target was to place 8000 bets before the end of the year. I figured that as long as I managed this, I would come out with a profit of around 250 000kr. As it happens, I didn’t quite make my bets target, but the profit was way higher than what I expected or even CLV.

There have of course been casualties along the way. Betway and CasinoStugan restricted me after just a few bets, my partner and I have both lost our Comeon and Bet365 accounts and there are some restrictions with other bookmakers but apart from that I’m confident we’ve got enough accounts to get up to 12,000 bets. If you do get stake-restricted by a bookmaker then always try a few more bets before you give up on them. You can often still get a lot of bets through (I had some restrictions with ATG early on but have been merrily placing loads of best since then). On top of this, the new sure-betting (well not new, but new to me) appears to bring loads of new profit potential. With a little care, I’m reasonably confident I can hit 500 000 kr sometime later this year, maybe sooner if I start upping my number of bets placed again.


Nice work! Would you mind putting together a list of all the bookmakers you’ve used? I’m sure it would be very beneficial for alot of users :slight_smile:

Nevermind I saw you had the list at the blog :smiley:

Aside from SvenskaSpel (only restrict on very minor markets but Sweden only), I’ve been very surprised with how far I’ve got with Interwetten, ATG and SpeedyBet. PAF restricted me quite quickly (although I’m going to try them again as it was only one bet and I may have been a bit hasty) so seeing as they are all on the same platfrom (SBTech I think) I figured it would be the same for all of them but it’s going very well. Like everyone, I’ve got many theories, but no proven concepts of how to keep accounts open!

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wow your accounts last long. then there is me, losing 2 bet365 account within 500 bets lol

Do you have any experience on putting small sums in the casinos to keep your account unlimited for longer? I’ve tried it but I’m not sure if it got my account any further

I do have some experience and, while I’ve got no solid proof, my opinion would be that at best, it makes no difference and at worst, you’ll get into casino games and lose a lot of money. Certainly, if you’re playing slots then it’s not good. I played a lot of Blackjack (lowest house edge but learn basic strategy) with my first Bet365 account (actually my partners) which made us lots of money (seems like Bet365 traders were all on holiday in spring/summer last year) but I have friends who made more with no casino using exactly the same strategy. For a lot of bookmakers, the sports trading and casino departments are quite separate and if a trader sees an unprofitable customer they’re not going to give you a free ride just because you played a few slots.


Yes, well said. Volume over anything approach all day.

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It’s weird with Bet365. I do have a (as yet very much untested) theory that they have less traders during easter/summer holiday periods so you’ve got a better chance of racking up big profits. Complete speculation and it could well be that they’ve just cracked down a bit more in recent months but last summer was pretty glorious.

That sounds pretty plausible atleast, since the betting volume in the summer must be alot less

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It’s funny how I find you in YouTube then your blog, now this community

:sweat_smile:haha, the 1% making it in betting is a small circle so… anyways, welcome buddy.

Just starting to produce content on other media now, find them all and I will be impresssed! By the way, full disclosure (I have been told off by the mods!) I have recently become an affiliate for RebelBetting so I do get some money if you use my link. Feel free to check my content and not use my link though. As long as my content helps people to start this profitable journey then I’m happy (plus if you do use my link, you may be able to join my discord!).

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