How many bets/day with starter pack?

Hi guys, I know that we get unlimited bets if we have PRO plan, but how many bets can we place everyday if I have starter plan?? I try to find an answer for this question because in the description for the starter they don’t say how many bets you get every day.

I don’t think there is an upper limit in the number of bets. Just percentage limit… You’ll get bets until 7% (I think).

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I’m 100% sure that you are limited. Even in the description said you are limited, but they don’t say the exact number. It happened to me many times to place bets and after 30-35 bets you will get this message “sorry, you reached your daily limit”. But I think you get 30-35 bets per 24hrs

did 89 yesterday with starter (and didnt even get the message)

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yeah, i just found out that you are limited only when you are using the free trial version.

Hey what’s your progress so far in the starter plan, also how many bets do you place/get in a day with the starter plan

you get unlimited bets with starter pack but all bets are 7%Value or lower. I stopped placing bets around 1 month ago because there are very few bets everyday, but i will star again in september. Currently i have 180% profits

You’re still on the starter plan? How many bets have you placed sofar