How many bets is usual?

Hi everyone, completely new to the platform having joined today after doing matched betting pretty successfully for a while. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me roughly how many value bets the system picks up every day; and whether this is likely to change any soon (because of factors such as COVID and the resumption of domestic football)?

Hi there,

This is pretty dependent on whatever settings you use & how many and what type of bookmakers you have access to. Sounds obvious but the more bookies you have enabled the more bets the software will pump out, same goes for settings, the less specific your settings are the more bets the software will find.

Assuming you have access to a decent amount of bookmakers both soft & sharp as well as using the default settings. You can expect to get on 20-30 bets a day at the start, maybe 40 if you put a lot of time into it.

Regarding sport seasons: personally I haven’t seen much difference in volume of bets depending on the time of year. I joined when lockdown was still quite strict in most places and managed to place 30-40 each day (back when I wasn’t restricted on as many bookies & with a lot of spare time in lockdown). However saying this, you will see a difference in volume between say- an average Tuesday and an average Saturday, consdering most sport occurs on weekends rather than weekdays. Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot that sounds good. Say you’re putting in several hours a day how many bets can you feasibly place in a day?

Probably upwards of 30 a day I’d say

I typically make about 15-20 bets a day because so far I am avoiding the more marginal leagues in order to avoid being flagged as a shark. So no Icelandic 2nd division or first half of the Mongolian league for me.

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I have made 57 bets today. Also smaller leagues. Some bookmakers are already limiting my stakes and/or odds so i just bet all i can on them, i dont care. Also i have spent many hours on my computer today. I think that you can easily get over 20 bets everyday!

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