How many wins and losses in valuable betting?

Can I ask how many bets you have won and lost with valuable betting? In numbers.
Thank you for your answers!

That completely depends on what values, odds, sport, markets, bookies and time of the year, time to start event etc… you are betting on.
Why do you even want to know the win/loss without the rest?

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I meant overall. What are your results? As beginner, to get idea.

Some say 50% win, 50% lose. If you take all this together. If someone would take people results together. It’s ok, I guess… But I don’t know much about it.

I enclose my statistics updated to 16/09/2022 (starter subscription including 2 week of free trial)
L=lose; HL=half lose; V=void; HW=half win; W=win

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How can I see the wins and losses?

These are my data, they are very good, but I have only seen that the whole month of September has been without profit.


wow, 7,5k profits from 3k bets is fuc***g amazing bro. congrats. Do you bet on everything or just football??

I discovered value betting 6 months ago, and so far it works for me with tennis.
I would like to know how rebbelbeting soccer works for you, because in another system that I use soccer does not generate profit and in rebel I miss many soccer bets because they change very fast.

How do they work for you?


well, these are my results and i am betting only on football. I’ve placed a few bets on basket and tennis when i first started but now i only take bets on football. I had a few month when i did not place any bets cuz i was very busy. I’ve used starter pack and pro but now i am using only pro. I think i will start to bet on tennis as well. What bookmaker do you use to place bats on tennis ?

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