How much can you make from sure betting ? ( why not 100% + a month )

i have a question , there is multiple 2 % sure bets opportunitys each day right ?

why rebelbetting stats and others are saying they are making 10-20% a month ?

why not taking all of them and making 100% + a month ? can you clarify this point for me please ?

A few factors.
One bet is always losing, you will be constantly moving money around, sometimes this takes time.

Books are quick to limit, sometimes you will place one side of the bet and then are unable to get the amount down you needed to, exposing yourself to a potential loss. In the same vein, lines move quick, you may find yourself placing guaranteed losing bets when the line moves before you get the bet in.

Still a good way to make some short term profits, good luck

A common misunderstanding regarding stake sizing. You should never place your entire bankroll on one sure bet. I suggest you read the Ultimate Guide to Sure Betting, specifically these sections: