How much did you lose today?

At about 1800 bets in, and the high volume strategy just decimated 2 months worth of profit in under 48 hours

Anyone else? Am I just today’s big loser?

Down to about $1160 in profit left , which is less than what I’ve spent in subscription fees once you take into account $1,100 I spent on the summer sale.

Great. Feel like I wasted 2 months of my life and just paid out everyone except myself. Good week for RB and all the sportsbooks. Bad week for me.

Me too! I lost half of my profit overnight similar like you!

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Officially scared of these last 6 bets that are pending. Great stuff losing $1100 over 48hours + the cost of a year subscription.

Lost about 450 on bovada and 425 on Betmgm yesterday alone.

Like I said , probably not enough funds on my bovada left now to clear the deposit bonus reliably. Probably just gonna end up losing or forfeiting the other 400 in my bovada after yesterday’s terrible outing. Don’t really see another option here other than just betting through and losing all the money or losing my bonus and all the subsequent funds. Cant picture winning 50 bets in a row here to make up for yesterday’s deficit and save the week.

But ill let you fine folks know how much I lose today.

Really put me in a pickle.

i think your stakes are too high, do you have like 2.2k total bankroll?

I had 4k total bankroll 36hours ago

Now I’m at around 2900, don’t worry. My stake has officially been adjusted down after the absolutel slaughter that has happened this weekend.

More than likely will be reduced to 0 if today is no good. Cause I can’t just keep hemorrhaging real money for theoretical value lol.

Pretty much just in it today to try and clear my Bovada bonus. But if I lose another $500+ , then I’ll just forfeit the bonus and cut my losses. Probably go get a second job to make up for the couple grand i lost /forked over to RB in the last 2 weeks.

Not really worth my time to generate 30 theoretical dollars per day. It made sense for me in the 4k-5k range, I was generating up to 90 theoretical per day.

when you will have enough profit to bet higher stakes, that is when it will worth it bro. My stakes are around 12£ or15$ at the moment and i know this will take time. I’ve made a stupid decision in the past and i took higher stakes and that was very bad for me. now i just bet and wait …this will take time. And now we have less bets but in September the action will be back so we will get more bets everyday.

Huh? I was at 5k a month ago. Spent 1k of it on Rebelbetting Pro. Bankroll was then 4k or so. Betting $40 at 4k is 1%. Max settings for me is at 1.5%

Not sure how much smaller you want me to go here. I’m not laying $15 bets all day with a $4k bankroll.

Now that I’m at a $2,900 bankroll, as of this morning, it’s like I’d rather just take the rest of the month off to go make real profit in the real world. But unfortunately my bankroll is tied up with these deposit bonuses which are going to keep my money wrapped up in this, unless I clear them or forfeit them.

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I feel like baseball unders are pretty much a lost cause for RB. At the beginning of this season, a significant rule change was made which incentivizes these large scoring games weve been seeing. I dont think the value on these games is well understoof at all. Wish they would post where their own line selection has been weak over the past month , so customers don’t lose thousands collectively.

Yea , it’s kind of ridiculous. Hope my bankroll doesn’t keep plummeting, cause otherwise I just wasted a little over a grand on a year long pro subscription.

Same here :frowning:
30% wiped out in one day----coinciding with the a gut wrenching 244 bets (most ever), I was feeling invincible until yesterday ! I ve had ups and downs, but yesterday was the 1st real trouncing.
Ive kicked out Baseball, as this seems for me at least to be the culprit…I had previously kicked it out and saw a rally…but I think its out for good now. Today Im starting a claw back. I guess the reality is that we will see upd and downs no matter what.
Chin up!

Yup, about to kick out baseball and if that doesn’t correct I’ll just find a new side hustle til September

Can’t imagine getting too much profit placing $20 bets exclusively on tennis and soccer for the next 3 months. Probably only 25 bets / day with no baseball. Even at 5% value average at $20 * 25 bets… expected income is like $20/day

What’s even the point? I should’ve taken all my money out and just not paid for the year membership

Honestly feel sick to my stomach about everything.

Let’s see how much I lose today.

Any guesses? $100? $400?
I’ve got $600 in wagers out, that’s about the most I’m now willing to risk out of my $2,700.

I feel your pain…and hope the situation improves!

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Ya, Bodog/ Bovada was harsh in the past few weeks.

The past year for baseball unders:

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Is that the past year as in past 12 months?

I’m talking about this season with unders where I’ve missed 85% of my baseball unders. Even at exceedingly high numbers. (Usually at -300 odds) Because they changed the baseball playoff scoring for this season in particular.

When a team is up , they are incentivizd to keep pounding the other team into the dust.

Hi guys! How are you doing? I regained lost profit in the past few days and am reaching new height! Great product! Just an update. And many thanks to the VB team!


How about this ?

Well after almost 2000 bets and still negative I would probably check my settings and my sports/market performance… I know I know it’s all about volume but I think you’re either really unlucky or maybe you have a deficit that could be evaluated and try to recover some of your money.

Maybe devs can help you with that evaluation…Good luck and hope you recover your money…

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