How much realistically can you make on sure bets?

I see you can get sure bets up to 5% return. So simple maths says if you put on 100 bets a month you’ll get up to 500% return. Rebel betting quote numbers like 10-30% per month however. So which is it.

its a lot more complicated than simply sticking 2 , and sometimes 3 bets down. IF you are lucky enough to have Bookies that let you put full stakes down, you have an advantage over most of us. You have to be quick as odds change in an instant very often…and… as to what you can make…thats all in your own hands…and depends on 1) Bookies you have access to, 2) your own personal skill at quickly identifying the correct odds and markets , and 3) how much time and money you are able to throw at it.

So you can lose money if one side of the odds change before placing the bets?

of course :slight_smile:

I am still in the fence with rebel betting, reading the ups and downs from members.

well…many members have been around for a longer time than myself…so they must be profitable. Ive been around for just over a year and happily renewed for another year . Only you can decide if its worth a punt. Cheers