How much to stake in arbs?

Hi. I just wonder, how much stake we invest per trade?
Lets say i have 4 bookies. When there is an opportunity, do i just bet the maximum available? Or do we have rules like 10% of total bankroll per trade?


If you bet the maximum stake, you will be gubbed very soon.

i have created a formula if you using 4 bookies only . So this is how it works . Provide equal amount to 4 bookies . Say 1000 $ each to 4 bookies . Than total investment - 4k$ . Now in neteller or other ewallet same amount needed to be there which is equal to 4k$ . So your total investment need to 8k$ .
Now you shoud bet 50% of amount given in bookies which is 500$ . And always maintain the 1000$ ratio in all 4 bookies by injecting 500$ again from neteller if it reduces . This way you will have 4000/5= 8 . you can be able to maintain the ratio of 1000$ in all bookies in 8 bets total . Once you are not able to maintain the 1000$ ratio in any bookies . Then withdraw and then redistribute with compounded profit .
Good luck

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