How ? ..... not directly to the event ! Please help

I am using BET365.

But when i click on BET - the page open, but only the home page. NOT the site with the bet, that i want to play !!!
What am I doing wrong ???

“This will open a tab in your browser and take you to the bookmaker website, directly to the event.” → It is not directly to the event !!!

-If I can’t jump directly to the bet, it gonna take a lo of time to make the bets…
Can anyone help me ?
Thank you

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Are you using a different domain than the .com for example .nl or .de?

If that’s the case you need to change the domain of bet365 in your RB settings.

Options ==> Bookmaker ==> select bookmaker


Dear friend
Thank you very much, I hadn’t. After all, I use BET365.DK and had not changed this in settings…
But now it will be the link to the event itself on BET365 - Perfect.
But is it supposed that I myself have to remember what the current bet was and where and what amount I should bet ???
I thought it all automatically transferred to BET365 ???

I reported it days ago. Some bookmakers even set the stake amount, it’s a shame that the links don’t work well, it shouldn’t be complicated to fix it but it is some work to do.

Great to hear that it worked!

It is completely normal that not every bookie auto completes your betting slip.

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It is actually impossible for most sites to auto fill your betting slip since they don’t support “Deep Linking”