How to analyze and improve your value betting results

How can I have negative results after placing hundreds of bets, isn’t RebelBetting supposed to be giving positive returns?

It’s not uncommon to dip into negative profits when starting out. To understand why this is, and why more bets will always bring you closer to the expected value, read this article:

To understand how two value bettors with roughly the same betting strategy can get vastly different outcomes, check out this calculator where you can simulate 10 different profit graphs for the same strategy. Here is a another simulator that is easier to understand (made by @Ryan!)

Don’t forget that if you start your value betting journey with a loss, you will get a free month (forever!) until you profit with our profit guarantee.

You can also view all the posted member results here in the community. I made an early 2022 summary of the total member results here:

We value bettors don’t need luck, just time. May the variance be with you! :yoda: