How to deposit money when using a VPN?

Hello, Im from Belgium and i want to play on pinnacle. Im using a vpn whats the best way to get my money on it? I also wanna know this to get bonuses on other sites because many bookies are blocked in Belgium.

Any tips?

you use skrill?

Skrill isnt allowed in Belgium …

Make sure Pinnacle accepts Belgian customers, you don’t want to run into tróuble after you’ve won money and have to verify your identity before withdrawing.

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Oh i did not know that…well there is no many options,neteller maybe.
But Pinnacle is sharp bookmaker,and they change odds fast…
Today its very hard to find a bookmaker where you can place valuebetting bets

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Its not allowed in Belgium but it is allowed to play in another country even if you are from Belgium. Is this right?

How should i get through the verification of the Adress any tips? It is allowed to play there right if you are a belgium citizen but stay in that country?

NO dont do that…Yoonte is right,i got 500eur stuck in Stoiximan because of that

There is no tips for that

You could just ask their customer support I guess.

Thats a problem …So you want reccomend doing it if using VPN and getting the proof of adress etc?I really need pinnacle for the sure betting part …

Ive sended an email thx for the help :slight_smile:

If you can get a proof of adress than you can do it…but first email the customer servis and dont deposith anything until you are 100% sure that you can withdraw it after

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  • is it allowed for me to play on pinnacle? can provide proof of adress in Albania

  • I still have my bank acount in Belgium But im living here in Albania now …

  • Please be informed that we do accept clients from Albania.

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You may create an account using the below link:


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  • So there wont be a problem If i win and want my money send to my belgium bank account?

  • I live in Albania now and dont have plans to return to belgium any soon

  • Kindly note that payment options are based on the country you are in and currency.

10:51 AM

  • yes we use lek and Euro here

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You will be able to deposit and withdraw funds using only the payment options available in your account.


  • The credit card option is available …

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Please hold on.


  • thank you but if I win i just want it sended to my regular bank account

10:52 AM

  • We regret to inform you that a bank wire option will not be available for clients from Albania with EUR.

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However, the following payment options will be available: Cryptopay, Litecoin, Skrill, MuchBetter, USDT and Webmoney.


10:54 AM

  • I have Skrill so i can pay in lek with my belgium skrill account?

  • I use it here also to pay everything

  • I have my proof of adress etc

  • So i can deposit with litecoin and recieve with litecoin also?

10:55 AM

  • Please note that in order to use your Skrill account to top up Pinnacle account, your first, last name, date of birth and country should match between Pinnacle and Skrill accounts.

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Yes. You may use Litecoin to deposit and withdraw your funds.


  • So this wont be an issue for me to withdraw them with my proof of adress? i need to be sure because I play big amounts.

10:57 AM

  • And this is the only sharp bookie …

  • Please be informed that you will need to complete the verification procedure before you can use Litecoin.

  • What do I need to use Litecoin?

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As long as your Pinnacle account is verified, we believe that there will not be an issue

So they confirm I can refund my money right? Just want a second opinion because im going to transfer 5k

It seems like it should be ok. I would try withdrawing a very small amount first though so you can go through the verification process to make sure everything is ok.

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